Old Nullagine Roadhouse Renovations attracts people all over Western Australia

Old Nullagine Roadhouse Renovations attracts people all over Western Australia

On Saturday 2 of April, 2022, the Mantingunya Association had created a community working bee to do little renovations and slap some paint on the Old Nullagine Roadhouse.


The working bee was full of volunteers and had over 50 people involved in the 2-day working bee of The New Nullagine Art Centre. Volunteers came from everywhere, local residents, NOVO workers, Port Hedland, and even a few come all the way down from Perth. Every hand mattered and every effort was recognised.


Some of the work done during the 2 days included removing old furniture and equipment of no use, sweeping and losing all the dust piled up, removing all the broken tiles (which was basically all of them), cleaning out the bathrooms, painting the interior and exterior walls, and much more.


At the end everyone was exhausted and tired, but most of all proud. We had got so much done in just 2 days. Sunday afternoon we finished off with a community BBQ at the Nullagine Park. We all could rest, meet new people, and have our stomachs full. To end the night, Shianne Booth had just finished a painting of one of the Dreamtime stories of where the NOVO mines are mining. Chairman Bruce Booth briefly explained the painting to which we all were amazed by the Artwork and the inner story of it.


We'd like to give a quick thanks to everyone who participated in the Community Working Bee. And also a special thanks to NOVO Resources, Chris Mardon, and all employees of NOVO who volunteered. We couldn't have done it without you all.

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