How to support

Here are 4 ways you can help support MACC right now:

1. Support an Artist

When you purchase from The Mantingunya Arts & Cultural Centre (MACC), you are helping a Remote Indigenous Artist from one of the most disadvantaged Aboriginal communities in the Pilbara, Irrungadji Community. Irrungadji community is just outside Nullagine and living conditions are hard, often no power, nor water. A lot have moved away because of the unliveable conditions but for those who stayed, continue to connect to the land and hopeful.
Our promise is 90% of Artwork sales goes directly to the artists and only 10% to MACC to provide materials, tools, small lunches while painting, and local community events. This is by far the best way to support us is to buy Artwork, Support a Artist.

2. Follow us on Social Media

If you want to stay close and would love to join the journey with MACC, there is no better way to than following us on our socials. As you follow us on our platforms, you are updated consistently with content on what’s happening. You can find us active on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, just click the platform and it’ll take you right to us.
And don’t worry, we promise to make creative and engaging content for you. So go on give us a follow, like, comment and share. I bet you won’t ;)

3. Art Centre Funding

MACC is proud of how far it has come, but it’s only the beginning stages. All that has been done so far is by local volunteers of the Nullagine Community. But are still in need of ongoing financial support.

Funding can be used for all sorts of good causes including job creations, opportunities for local employment of indigenous people, community development and engagement, development and maintenance of art centre facilities, online resources (website, internet, etc), digital marketing, only to name a few.

To whoever is reading, may not be the people we need to make this happen. But you helping with step 4 will definitely help MACC get in front of the right people quicker in order for Art Centre funding to happen.

4. Spread the word 

If you have spent sometime with us or enjoy what we are doing than share it around!. Let all your friends and family know about this small indigenous art centre in Nullagine. Tell them about that painting that you brought, tell them about that custom blanket & bedding set you brought and how it’s impacted an Indigenous Artist and the Nullagine communityLeave a comment on social media, or even leave a review on the website or google.

As you spread the word, you help us grow 1000x faster. And if you have or do spread the word, we thank you 1000x.